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Thursday 24 February 2011

T & I love graphic tees, and I've recently noticed that I'm getting quite the collection of music artist inspired tees (I loathe to call them band tees because a) I didn't buy them at concerts and b) well, it just sounds kind of wierd when it's Katy Perry on your chest!), plus there are a lot of hot tees out there that just hint at your chosen artist symbolically.

Check out my latest addition, this cool vintage look Amplified Motley Crue tee from Sugar Bullets, £20. As much as I am familiar with Nikki Sixx and the boys, I wouldn't say I am a huge fan BUT the Girls, Girls, Girls thing grabbed me because of the Gaga link. And it looks cool. See? This is why I hate calling them band tees! I'm sure a real Motley Crue fan would facepunch me for saying it 'looked cool'!

In other news...we absolutely die for this Too Late To Dye Young Lady Gaga tee - MoreTVicar, £19.99. It's everything a modern music tee should be - bold enough to make a statement without words. Hot blondes in odd positions!

And of course, LOVE this Madonna inspired BOY TOY tee $65, from current RAWR faves Prince Peter Collection.

I actually had a poster of Madge wearing the BOY TOY belt on my wall as a kid, I thought she was insanely pretty and copied her style whenever I could by cutting my lacey tights into leggings and gloves - bless me.

I was going to add a Biebz tee in to be ironic, but I figured this post is teetering on the edge already soooo I'll just move on....

J - I really am a Gaga and Prince fan. Quiz me.


  1. love the gaga T-Shirt!amaze!


  2. thanks for follow and comment on my blog
    i love the rings from previous post *-*

  3. great blog! I love band tees too, but recently I've been getting a bad tendency to buy american baseball t-shirts!

    thanks for the lovely comment! x

  4. I love graphic tees too! thanks so mucho for your comment and for being followers! we follow you!


  5. Thanks for the comments girls!

    @Eva I've never thought of american baseball tees! What an amazing style tip thanks!

    @Jess That's the thing right? I try my hardest to only wear tees of bands/artists that I love and admire but sometimes, you just got to run with it - and hope to Patz that no-one asks any questions! :)

    J x

  6. In love with both these tops. Love your blog...followed you. Please come and check out my blog and let me know what you think x

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment hun :-) Loving your blog :D

  8. I love these types of shirt!

  9. Love that t-shirt!

  10. Thanks Lara!! I'm thinking of growing it out into a short bob next, I like it but the exposure to the right side of my face sometimes bothers me!

    J x


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