Forget William, we want to marry Prince Peter!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Prince Peter Collection had us at hello when we came across this hot line on the NYLA Boutique webby, an investigation ensued and we were instantly HOOKED on their edgy, rock n' roll inspired graphic tees, sweats, jackets and leggings - all designed to be unisex-y. And even though it's obvi from the set below that Russell has lifted Katy's 'What's New Pussycat' tee, I'd like to see BF wrestle it out of my kung fu grip! ;)

See all the beautiful people in their PPC? We want to be in there with them. Prince Peter Collection collabs with artists and photographers to exhibit their images as wearable art, and by the hair of Patz do we want to collect these bad boys! Here's a few of our fave pieces, prepare to want....

My fave, as seen on Kitty Purry and our Russell, the What's New Pussycat tee, $65 at PPC online store or £55 at NYLA Boutique.

The Heal The World tank, as seen on Rhianna (girl crush!) featuring lyrics from MJ's classic eco tunage! $75 at PPC online store or £55 from NYLA Boutique. LOVE the open sides on this one, so secsi.

My second fave, the Oh You Pretty Thing tee, $65 at PPC online store or £55 at NYLA Boutique. The leo print extends all the way down the back too, and as I've recently had all my hair chopped off I've taken a fancy to rear details!

Punk icon Wendy O Williams is captured by the AMAZING photography of Mick Rock on the Sex Junkie sweater, so hot. $85 at PPC online store, or £70 at NYLA Boutique.

Now yes, a small part of me loves these leggings because they're named after one of my fave hair rock bands ever, but mostly I just love them because they roar hard. The White Snake legging in grey is $85 at PPC online store, or £45 at NYLA Boutique.

Prince Peter Collection is stocked in selected boutiques around the world, find your local one here. We currently have NYLA Boutique (with whispers of ASOS too) here in UK but we need MOAR or the UK might just lose us to the US forever. Is that what you want UK? Because that's what you're gonna get.

Prince Peter Collection - we do!!

J - a life in black and white.


  1. thank you for the follow and comment! Paul was hilarious, I really liked it :) xx

  2. Wow what a fab collection of tees! :)


  3. ooo i REALLY like these shirts they're brilliant!!


  4. I know right! That's why I want them so badly :}
    Thanks for the sweet comment and follow! Really appreciate it ;)
    And I absolutely love the first three shirts in this post ;D


  5. loving the cat shirt :)
    great blog!! x

  6. Hey girls thanks for the comments, you're all so sweet!
    Prince Peter Collection rules!

    J & T x x x


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