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Thursday, 28 October 2010

This week I accidentally bought...

Partly Civil Black Sucks To Be You Vest, £29- Pretaportobello.com

One of my favourite sayings, this 'Sucks To Be You' vest is for when I'm feeling a little catty. Imagine paired with Black Rats. RAWR! ;)

Leather Look Strappy Waistcoat, £35- Topshop.

When I spotted this in my local toppers, I instantly fell in LOVE! Very Gaga-esque & is perfectly paired with killer heels, Charley 5.0's & some bling. Ultimately badass.

Limited Collection Round Toe Triple Buckle Shoe Boots, £35- Marks and Spencer.

Virtually sold out nationwide, I was lucky enough to get my paws on these bad boys. It's hard to believe they are from M&S! HAWT.

Malaia, from £24- Hollister Co.
(Not to be mistaken with what Cheryl Cole had! ;)

Malaia is definitely the yummiest perfume in Hollister! Light & floral, this is the perfect addition to my perfume collection. I'm usually ALL about strong, sweet scents, but this one is ideal for A/W. I smell GOOOOD ;)

I wish I could buy...

Leather Panel Skinny Jeans by CHARLEY 5.0, $168- Shopbop.

Giddy up, giddy up. I ADORE these. Charley JEANS!? Button up!? Oh boy. The Angels showed me a sneak peek of these before they were released & I FREAKED. With these & a pair of long boots, I'm ready to go my local Horse World & play with the ponies ;)

Lockhart Studded Biker Boots by Sam Edelman, £250- ASOS.

Is all that studding really necessary you ask? OH HELLZ YEH! Sam Edelman really knows his stuff. Serious foot candy. NOM.

Low Rise Denim Camoflage Legging in Brigade by J Brand, £195- Donna Ida.
As seen on Rihanna & Katy Perry!

I need me these too. I'm thinking about telling the boyfriend they are essential for hiking in South America. I don't know how that one will go down...Apparently skinny cargo/jeans aren't really 'appropriate' for trekking. Whatever. Does he even know who I am!? ;)

So there you have it. Opinions please? Do I need ALL of the above? GULP. T XoX

All images credited to their sources.


  1. YES! ALL!
    Those Charleys are calling me! I could be Axl Rose. You could be Russell Brand. Leather!! Rawr! Too hot!
    And I love the vest. Ha!
    And pffftttt.. of course you need those in South America! The ARE camo after all. And Cargo!

  2. Love those M&S shoe boots! :)




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