SPIRIT HOODS - Possibly the best headwear in the world right now, and ever?!

Sunday 19 September 2010

So if you've never seen them, SpiritHoods are AMAZING animal inspired hood wraps with SOUL!

They come in full styles (with scarf and mittens attached) starting at $119 or 'half' hat styles that start at just $59, and just have me SO excited for winter! Made with only quality faux fur so as good as they look and feel, you can be sure that no furry friends are harmed in the name of fashion! Each hood is handmade and therefore no two are the same! It's just like furry couture! I LOVE the way they describe each item on the webby, giving each one a personality description to help you decide which hood your spirit belongs in!

There's SO many to choose from on the online store, here's a few of my faves but I HIGHLY suggest you go check the full range out at SPIRIT HOODS STAT!

Leopard, $99 - Intelligent, Free Spirited, Leader.

Night Hawk - $79Intuitive - Wise - Protective.

Panda 1/2, $49 - Balance, Solitude, Strength.

Husky, $99 - Brave - Adventurous - Loyal

These are just a snippet from the range, there's SO many more to see including Zebra, Husky and Bear to name but a few! There are Spirithoods for men too, so if your other half is a bit of an animal, have a look and pick him one out!

I am absolutely desperate for one of these! I'd love the Black Jaguar or Black Cat Half, being a sucker for a pretty kitty! I won't be able to sleep tonight now. SH, I totally blame you for my dark circles tomorrow!

They also believe in the conservation and protection of both the planet and its animals, and to help give back they actively donate a portion of the online proceeds to several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation, they call this Product Blue and it makes for an interesting read, so if you can, please try to buy from the official online store if you are choosing a Product Blue style and help the precious animals that you are emulating! :)

Which one are you?

All images credited to SpiritHoods with thanks!

J - Strength of the bear, speed of a cougar...oh no sorry, that was Braveheart. I'm purr of a kitty ;)


  1. Oh goodness...these are fab!! As Austin Powers once said "Grrr baby...very grrrrr!" :)

  2. I know right? I love the styling on their webby too, so sexy! J x


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