Shoes that give you legs like Heidi Klum? Is this a waking dream?!

Monday 20 September 2010

Okay, so I am blatently writing this up because Cloggs are running one of their blog entry comps to win shoes, and I really am desperate to have a pair of todays prize, Reebok EasyTones!

In fact, it was only recently that I was discussing the new toning shoe craze with a friend. She said she wanted the Skechers Shape Ups, but I mocked her choice saying I'd MUCH rather have the Reebok EasyTones because they are after all a legendary sports brand, whilst Skechers make chunky fashion shoes for teen pop queens in my opinion. Of course you could go for FitFlops (their new Supertone shoe is pretty shizzy, especially in Pewter), but still, the shape and design of the Reebok's just look more suitable for actual light exercise as opposed to just taking a stroll to the corner shop, and I would like to have the option to do a light jog in them safe in the knowledge that my foot and leg muscles or bones weren't getting a hammering because I'm wearing a leisure shoe instead of a sports shoe!

These Reebok Easytone Go Outside II at £74.99, have a streamlined, sleek look in a cool colourway.

So, how do these miracle shoes work? Here's the science bit! EasyTone technology has pockets of moving air in the heel and forefoot that promote micro-instability. It improves muscle tone up to 28% in the glutes and up to 11% in the calves and hamstrings. In other words, a faster way to shapelier legs and a tight butt!

For a darker, Darth Vader style look, try the Easytone Reinspire II Black/Grey, £74.99!

So you want living proof that these bad boys work? 2 Words ladies (and gents!) - KELLY BROOK! Yes, Kelly loves her EasyTones and shows it in this vid!

So, you see, I really need a pair of these shoes so I can run around strutting my daily life stuff with the end result being a Kelly Brook behind and a red-faced friend who fell off her Wii Fit in some ridiculously shaped boat-like Skechers ;) Agreed? I thought so.

Check out more of the Easytone range here at Cloggs, who also stock FitFlop too :)

J - Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge.

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