BYS Cracked Nail Varnish= Snap, Crackle & POP!

Thursday 1 July 2010

So while still on the hunt for the HAWTEST Nail Varnishes, I found out (thanks to @Browniekins) about BYS Cracked Nail Varnish. Oh my.

I was super excited about in the mood but Im almost sure this new range from BYS wins HANDS DOWN.

Available in various neon colours, this varnish is GUARANTEED to get attention.

You apply the nail varnish in 3 stages, the base coat, the crackle coat & the top coat. The result? A cross between The Land Before Time & a Miami Paint Party (been there!). UH-MAZING.

Unfortunately for us, BYS is an aussie brand (shock, they have everything awesome) & their UK Stockist doesnt currently have it...Worry not! I've already sent an email to the company, hoping they will tell us somewhere we can get it.

Gaga herself would be PROUD to have nails this good. I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with the idea! I want a million different colours to play around with. MMMMMMM!!!

Crack Addict, T XoX

Images Credited to: BYS

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