Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tie-Dye LOVE- thanks to Leyendecker!

Im extremely happy to say that TIE-DYE is back this summer with a vengeance!

When I was 13 I remember making my mum the COOLEST tie-dye t-shirt on the planet...Actually, it was so hideous that it was awesome. Unfortunately, after that time my love for tie-dye slowly diminished. Tie-dye shirts meant nothing more to me than a souvenier of spanish holiday...

UNTIL a few years ago, back in 2007 (where did those 3 years go!?) when I fell in love with numerous Alice + Olivia tie-dye dresses and my love for tie-dye has continued ever since. Hurrah!

I'd say that Leyendecker are the kids leading the tie-dye revolution right now, they have piece after piece of tie-dye AWESOME-NESS. Yes, Im lovin' their work!

Leyendecker is always strong, bold and a little off-kilter– the Leyendecker look is clean with just a dash of L.A. chic that is sure to turn heads wherever you wear it...Which is what we're all about here at The Style Rawr!

It's a quirky, confident line for women who take their clothing seriously but never lose their sense of humor when it comes to fashion.

I absolutely LOVE their Lakota Leggings:

Lakota Leggings, $110.60 (on sale)- Shopbop.
I can totally imagine myself rockin these bad boys! NOM NOM!

This romper is sooo adorable:

Fett Romper, $290- Shopbop.
So perfect for this summer.

They are stocked by all the coolest stores, including Revolve Clothing, Intermix, Singer 22, Saks & Shopbop!

You can follow them on twitter and also on facebook for all Leyendecker news! If you're a blogger-aholic like us, then they also have their own blog so check them out! :) I need some Leyendecker in my life...ASAP!

SO Leyendecker, be my new best friend? I <3 you! T XoX

All images credited to Leyendecker & Shopbop.

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  1. Refined tie dye is what it is! I wish I could snatch up all these Leyendecker tie dye and laddering pieces for my closet! It doesn't seem like your typical hippie dippe tie dye but something you could actually wear to dinner/work! Fabulosity is what it is :)


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