Thursday, 10 June 2010

SATC2 - Shush haterz, I Liked It.

So I'm a little late but my plans to see the new SATC movie last week were postponed to last night, and I loved it! I heard a lot of supposed fans saying it sucked, but personally, I can't see why any fan would think that, it had everything the series and the first SATC movie had, why all the hating?

Yeah the girls look a little older, but Patricia Field still knows how to rock Carrie et al's bad selves. You got Big, you got Smith and even Aiden, what's not to like?!

I've never been a Big girl (except for when he rescued Carrie from the Russian dude), and I personally think Carrie should've stayed with 'Sam' from the first series (the epi called 'Valley of The Twenty-Somethings' girls, look it up and check out the cameo role from a very young past gratuitous nom nom of the week!) but it's cool to see them still having to work through their relationship in a time when so many women think that hooking a rich man is the immediate key to happiness (or at least happiness in Harvey Nichols). Anyway, fine holiday fun. These girls never change and I'll always love them. I doubt there will be a SATC3 unless they consider pulling a pregnancy out of the bag for Carrie and Big, which would just turn it into a high fashion, New York version of Knocked Up, and I'm not sure I want to see Carrie's va jay-jay in any sort of crowning action!

So, while we're on this subject, here's a few cool little items I spotted in the movie :)

First up is the Jennifer Zeuner £240 Clover necklace that Carrie wears throughout the movie. You can buy it at Spoiled Brat.

Then I spotted Samantha in some cool classic Patricia Field 'Polly' mules, available in tons of colours for $148 at Patricia Field .

Then the Abu Dhabi nightclub djs wore the cool Field Salutes Sprouse hoodies, available at Patricia Field for $88! I actually want all of the ladies range myself, it's such a cool print.

And finally, the vintage(ish) Dior newspaper dress that Carrie wore years ago made a reappearance! I love how they use her old clothes, because lets face it, if any of us bought an iconic dress like that, you wouldn't be putting it into storage after one wear!

So yeah, it's still got it, and it never left them! That's my opinion and I'll be damned if I'll let the haterz turn me. I <3 SATC 4eva!

JC - getting out the boxset....


  1. oh my gawshhhh.
    that newspaper dress. I need it haha.
    I haven't seen it yet, but I will xx

  2. I so want them all. lol. i'm following you. im @kammikoza.

  3. I've not seen it yet but a great post and beautiful pics too!


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