Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Disney Takes Tees To Infinity.....And Beyond!

We are SUPER excited about the upcoming release of Toy Story 3.

Move over kids, we've waited 11 years for this one! It's out in the UK on July 19th *SIIIIGHHHH*, even though it's out in the US this weekend.

Ever the fashionistas, Disney have collaborated with some hot artists and designers, then teamed up with casual LA tee designer Mighty Fine to release a gorgeous new collection of Toy Story 3 tees! These are all EXCLUSIVE to pre order at REVOLVE Clothing They're all so adorable yet so cooooooool!

Mighty Fine, Rex by Jonathan Saunders, $84 -Revolve Clothing.

Mighty Fine, Hamm by Costello Tagliapietra, $92- Revolve Clothing.

Mighty Fine, Jessie by House of Holland, $102- Revolve Clothing.

Mighty Fine, Woody by Victor Glemaud, $70- Revolve Clothing.

Mighty Fine, Buzz by Cassette Playa, $84- Revolve Clothing.

Pre-order early, these are sure to sell out, the HOH Jessie one makes me weeeeeep!

All images credited to Revolve, with thanks!

J & T - To infinity, and beyond! x


  1. i NEED that Jessie t-shirt!!

    So can't wait for Toy Story 3 to come out, i'm such a little kid! haha!


  2. Isn't the Jessie one just the shiznit?! I love Buzz too but I wish it was longer for those of us who don't have killer abs lol :)


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