Easton Relic Skinny Jeans Review - LOVE!

Sunday 27 June 2010

I was so excited to receive some hot new denim from Easton that I was up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning and headed for my local DHL depot, just in the hope that the parcel they were holding for me was my new indigos!

Happily, it was my new Easton Relic Skinny jeans, all dark and new, and complete with matching tote bag (I literally squealed in delight at this little extra) - it was love at first sight and I couldn't wait to try them on.

After some careful measuring using some jeans in my closet and Easton's handy Fit Guide on their webby, I had chosen a size 32. I would liken it to a UK12, simply because the jeans I measured to estimate my Easton size are also a UK12, and the fit is ridiculously perfect, and actually better than any other denim in my collection. Considering Easton denim is unisex, they fit my curvy figure like a glove! :)

They sit perfectly on my waist without causing a (dare I say it) 'muffin top', yet they don't feel too high waisted - like, I could wear a belt and you can still see the buckle peeking out from under an average length tee.

The leg length is cool too, long enough to look amazing with heels, but also managing to sit nicely on top of my Converse, yet at the same time they can handle a turn up (which I love, and I won't apologise for it).

There are also some sweet little details. Simple things like how the branded leather back plate sits below the belt loop so the branding can still be seen, and I love the way there is a raised 'E' logo inside the rear pocket which shows through the pocket when your butt fills it, so it's all about discreet Easton branding in an oh so stylish way. Loves it.

Overall, I ADORE these jeans, Easton are definitely my new favourite brand, I just hope that UK stockists pick up on these STAT. Not only are they super stylish and hot, but they are ethically produced too! In the meantime we can order all styles of Easton jeans on their online store, prices range from just $38 to $70. The Relic style I have is just $55, amazing!

You can follow Easton on Facebook here, or on Twitter here, do it, we need more Easton jeans around here!

J - feeling unisexy ;)


  1. they fit so well! and might i add, that wallpaper is AMAZING!



  2. They do fit amazingly, I recommend them to all, I'm an Easton pimp!

    And thanks! It's my kitchen ha! BF and I have an agreement, he can pepper the house with Star Wars if I can have my bit of leo print and Twilight ;)

    J x


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