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Tuesday 29 June 2010

So, do you know about the lovely Christie Martin? If you don't, you really should because her jewellery is AMAZING! Christie has designed jewellery since 1993 and her current lines are worn by hot celebs such as Paris, Fergie, Beyonce and the Olsen twins. She specialises in personalisation, but not just your average name necklaces a la Carrie, noooo no, these bad boys are special from the Graffiti style necklaces and rings, custom stamped Love tags to show your love to the world and my personal fave, the Old English letter pieces. Prices range from $25 all the way up to the upper $$$ so there's something for everyone, check out my picks below!

Gold Plated Old English Choker $245 If this doesn't bring out the Hollaback Girl in you, I don't know what will ;)

Graffiti Ring $235 Will hold up to 3 letters boyeeeeeeeeee.

Framed Disc Necklace $185 You can have up to 5 characters written in the discs, perfect for us - STYLE RAWR or Tara and Jade haha!

Sterling Silver Candy Heart Necklace $135 can you say awwww? Declare your love in up to 8 characters! Hmmm, I think I'd have FASHION!

You really should go have a look see at Christie's store here, there's so much to look at in every price range, you'll be making a christmas list! Or is that just me? International postage starts at $21. Considering you're getting a one off, individual piece from an exclusive designer, the prices are really great, and if they're good enough for Fergilicious Fergie et Bootylicious Bey, then I want!

All images credited to Christie Martin.

J - if my name isn't around my neck, I may forget who I am. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;)

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