Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's Raining Style when we're wearing Lady Umbrella tees!

I was first introduced to the Lady Umbrella bods when I joined Twitter last September as a shy newbie finding my tweet so to speak. The lovely LU tweeps took me under their umbrella and I soon got my chat on. I've felt a bond with them ever since so it's natural that I want to rawr this special relationship to the world, especially since their cute, original tees fit so naturally into what we're all about here!

Lady Umbrella was established in 2008 by fine art guru Elena, and Rob, who like me and T, wanted to be his own boss knowing he was destined for something more glamourous since graduating in I.T and music. The idea was to fuse art with fashion (very Gaga-esque, we can definitely see Gaga in umbrella headwear!) and the tees on their online store showcase this quirky, fun take on design. The latest collection 'La Primera Coleccion' is the best yet, and at just £26.10 per shirt and free shipping worldwide (impressive), why not treat yourself to a couple?! Treat us too if you're feeling generous! ;)

My personal fave is this 'Lady Umbrella and the Wise Owl' v neck tee, the neutral colour is perfect to show off a summer glow and it would look perfect with low slung boyfriend jeans. Plus I've been a huge owl fan since I was a kid *hugs childhood stuffed owl friend 'Owler'*!

Here are some other designs from the collection, even more available online here!

The gorgeous blue 'Lady Umbrella is Away With The Birds' and the deep lush green 'Lady Umbrella is Friends w/ Sir David Attenborough' styles. I love the long line length of these tees, long lines always make me feel slimmer and they also look great with leggings! I can see Tara in the green as she is a future friend to the stars just like Lady Umbrella as well.

The zesty but warm orange 'Lady Umbrella and The Trike' and the hot sunny yellow 'What Came First? The Chicken or the Umbrella?' styles. All Lady Umbrella ladies t-shirts are made of 100% combed cotton which make them yummy and snuggly against our delicate girly skin, even the neck labels are smooth which makes a welcome change from nasty scratchy ones, thanks LU ;)

And I hear that sweet tote bags could be the next step in world domination for Lady Umbrella which is a fabulous idea! To get goss like this and other news on LU designs be sure to join their Facebook fan page here - me & T are in there *waves* along with over 4500 other very stylish girls (and boys)! They're giving away 2 tees when they hit 5000 so join and give us all a chance to win! You can also follow them on Twitter here!

So there you have it, Lady Umbrella - they RAWR!

All images credited to Lady Umbrella.

JC - Letting the style rain down - mwah! x


  1. Rawr, thanks so much for an incredible blog mention, really appreciated...Hehe, and everyone has their own "Owler" - great name for a stuffed toy...hope your readers enjoy our designs anyway and thank you again...ole..LadyUmbrella

  2. No problems, we love your stuff and what you stand for!
    P.S. Owler is the man, he's been my mascot since birth (my dad bought him on the way in to the maternity ward!) <3


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