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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The M&S Style Challenge - What To Wear For A Job Interview - Outfit 3!

Thanks for all your comments on last weeks M&S Style Challenge post, it meant a lot that you enjoyed my styling of the Contrast Collar & Cuff Shift Dress for a corporate career role!

This week's brief, using the same dress, is 'Just graduated - interview attire for a student attending their first post-Uni interview for a job at a creative agency (e.g. in media, marketing, advertising).'

Ahhh those familiar nerves, time to get my game face on! . . .

The transition from good time student to actual grown up is a big leap! For this look I've tried to think about how a post grad's wardrobe may be limited; you'd want to try to get the most out of your current pieces because money is tight, but you still want to send out the right impression.
The dress is doing a sterling job of giving me a smart but fashionable base to work with and is most likely to be a cheaper alternative to seperates. As a student may not be able to afford a tailored jacket, a cardigan is a perfectly good alternative as an interview room cover up, and most of us have one or two kicking about. I chose this season's must have berry shade to keep the look fresh, plus it kind of matches my hair ;)

My make up is kept simple because I'm letting my hair stay casual this time, which means my coloured tips are going to be on show. I think a post grad looking for a placement in a creative agency needs to show a little personality beneath all that ambition, but it's still reigned in a little with a metallic headband to neaten it up.

I'm accessorising with a leather satchel because the style is both fashionable and professional. Investing in a good quality bag for your first step on the career ladder is important because it will help to make a budget outfit look that touch more expensive, but selecting a satchel style means you can use it for both work and play because they're super versatile, so it won't feel like such a wanton splurge!
For a bit of fun I've also added a statement ring which I wouldn't normally do, but I think the gold ladybird is quirky and brings together all the metallic elements in my accessories.

Tights are a must but black opaques would make this outfit look too mature, whilst coloured ones would be too much against the block of berry, so I'm wearing a cute pair of fashion sheers. The star pattern is discreet but shows confidence and creativity, and hopefully it would send a subliminal message to the interviewer - 'This girl is a star, this girl is a star, this girl is a star . . . .' ;)

I chose flats over heels because I think they project a readiness to pound the office floor! Your first job after uni will have you doing the legwork to learn so you might as well show you're ready from the start! The metallic studding on this pair is stylish and matches my metallic headband, meaning I literally shine from head to toe!

Outfit Details : Dress - c/o Marks & Spencer. Cardigan - c/o Marks & Spencer. Bag - Bertie. Shoes - c/o Marks & Spencer. Headband - c/o Marks & Spencer. Ring - Jon Richard. Tights - c/o Marks & Spencer.

So how did I do? Are you a graduate with any other tips for us?

Next week is the last installment in the M&S Style Challenge and I've got to say, I'm going to miss it! Pop back next Tuesday to see the final look with my new fave dress - I wonder what it could be?!

J - A First in Fashion.
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