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Saturday, 20 July 2013

I May Not Be Your Style . . .

I am very rarely seen outside in a vest. I have a thing about the tops of my arms, as in, they're not like Cameron Diaz's so I basically hate them. Thing is, the weather has just been SO hot, I had to give in. And if you're going to give in, you might as well give into Prince.

I'm a massive Prince fan and I got a couple of Prince vests from the world's largest music tshirt storeTShirt Subway, a few weeks ago. You've already seen the Lovesexy one in another post, but this one features the Dirty Mind cover, which is just too cool. Literally it seems, in this heat!

Outfit: Vest - TShirt Subway, Shorts/Dungarees - Own The Runway, Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren at Sunglasses Shop, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Watch - Timex.

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

The sun is doing a good job of exposing my bra. I'm sure Prince would approve of this so we'll run with it ;) Unlike the Lovesexy vest which is a cute swing tank style, this is longline and fitted so it's nice to be able to mix it up between the two. The selection is pretty vast at TShirt Subway, so if you're looking for something particular (it's so hard to get cute Prince tops) then definitely give them a look over!

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

I found these Jeffrey Campbell pumps at TK Maxx for £39.99 about a month ago and I have wore the shizz out of them ever since. They're just so comfy, so if you like them and spy a pair in your TK, I suggest you have a try on!

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

Dear Tshirt Subway, can we please have some Britney designs? It's Britney bitch!

J - Can we layer up yet? ;)

Friday, 23 July 2010

J Loves.....TShirt Subway's Prince LoveSexy Tank!

Soooooo, I've been a massive Prince fan since I watched Purple Rain on my dad's knee aged 5. The last few years has seen me search in vain for a cool Prince tee or tank, preferably something without foil (I'm frowning at you Urban Outfitters) and it had to have a pre-symbol image (let's face it, Prince was at his coolest pre-squiggle) but the closest I could find was this CTRL tee, pretty cool huh?

However, not cool enough. It's tight for a start, so I can only really rock it with my baggy Levis or tracks, and these days I'm really into my slouchy tees and tanks with leggings or skinnies sooooo when I literally just stumbled across this Prince 'LoveSexy' tunic tank for just £16.99 on I gawped. I neeeeeeed it!

It ticks all the boxes for me! Classic image from one of Prince's 80's masterpieces and loose slouchy style with black & white graphic a la All Saints cool. Imagine this with skinny jeans and Converse, or cute little ankle boots like the man himself? Vintage funk cool that ISN'T super high street. Job done. My dad will be proud :)

TShirt Subway also do a mean line of Gaga tees, amongst tons of other music based tees and tanks. They produce high quality 100% organic tshirts that have a 90% reduced carbon footprint, making them a cool alternative to those much coveted but hard to find, expensive vintage originals so why not see if your fave artist/band is on their list? :)

J - Prince fan till I die x
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