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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rips And Holes And Pins - Oh My!

I do love a good cover up, I hardly ever buy summer jackets or coats for this reason, I just have a bevy of cardis instead :) My Siren London 'Milla' cardigan £26 is getting heavy rotation lately, it's nice and chunky but full of cool rips and tears so my skin still feels like it's getting some summer fun!

Why oh why do all the most flattering shots happen when you move your damn hand?!

This cardi comes with a stackload of safety pins. It looks cool when they're all on but it can get heavy if you wear it all day so I take them out and rearrange them as I want to wear them with each outfit, tres versatile! Here I only have 2 sets of pins in there but it works just as well with no pins, or all of them, it's a personal choice which every girl has to make for herself ;)

My skirt is from H&M (a new fave), my tee is Wildfox, the bumbag worn on my shoulder is Topshop and my earrings are ASOS.

If you like it but think black is a bit dark for you, this cute cardi also comes in peach (Mimi £26), a softer approach to punky pins ;)

What do you think, are pins for you?

J - Tear it up.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ring the Alarm!

Recently I've been looking for an affordable USA flag jumper because although I absolutely love the UNIF one, I can't justify spending £85 on one at the mo! Luckily I found this awesome alternative from Siren London...


It has a nice relaxed fit (I'm wearing the S/M) & it's good quality too. It's called the America Jumper & I've just spotted it's now in their sale so it was £32 and now it's only £16! Bargain :O


Can we get a close-up? ;) Yummmm.


I decided to pair it with my DIY studded shorts (from this post) & my star Converse. I can't believe my 9 month tan has faded already! Thankfully I'm going on holiday again soon so I can top it up.

Studded Denim

I thought the shorts were a little long at first but I've now decided I really like the length! I hope y'all appreciate my studding & distressing skillz. I've just bought some vintage Levi denim from eBay, various dyes & a whole load of cone studs so watch this for more DIY denim posts!

So are you a fan of this outfit? I already have my beady eyes on a few other pieces from Siren London, particularly the dresses for under a tenner. I need to start planning my holiday wardrobe all over again!

T - Bring on July 4th! XoX
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