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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rawr Girls Review: Nüdwear Lingerie and Shapewear!

Earlier this week we were both sent a selection of products from Nüdwear, an online boutique which stocks seamless lingerie and shapewear. We both love a good bit of shapewear and we're always up for joining the fight against VPL (visible panty line), so we couldn't wait to try some of their pieces.

Started by Sammy and Astrid, two besties from New York who later moved to London, Nüdwear was created when the girls noticed there was a serious lack of comfortable, stylish lingerie and shapewear in the world.

Nudwear Shapewear Reviewc/o Nüdwear

We received a stick on bra, some seamless boyshorts and a slimming tank which would change our lives forever. The first product we tried was the clear adhesive bra. We were really intrigued by the thought of a stick on bra (it's been years since either of us has worn one) and we couldn't wait to take it for a test drive. They're available in cup sizes A-D and are strapless and backless. Each bra can be worn up to 100 times and has received raved reviews from top magazines including Vogue! The bras are also sweat proof, allowing you to get hot and sweaty while having a dance off in your local.

Jade is a good size boasting a storm in an E cup, so as the stick on only goes up to a D she was wary but there was no need because it's all good! The cups cover like a balconette and when they pulled together for fastening, the cleavage was impressive! It stayed put all day, and whilst feeling a tad heavy, definitely looked the part and did the job. This bad boy could solve that pesky cut out back top problem forever - hurrah!

Stick on bra review
Seamless boyshorts from Nudwear

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, we can't stand VPL! We both have a selection of seamless underwear but we don't have anything as stylish and as comfortable as these pink python boyshorts. They come in small, medium or large and it's worth noting they look bigger off than on. The size chart is spot on and they fit true to size. What we love most about these pants is the awesome print! Nude and black undies are a necessity but can be so boring. These inject a little bit of fun into our sensible seamless lingerie drawer. Our verdict? Uh-mazing. We'd quite like to see a leopard print version.

The Ultimate Slimming Tank ReviewThe Ultimate Slimming Tank c/o Nüdwear

Our favourite Nüdwear piece is The Ultimate Slimming Tank aka the game changer. We've both tried our fair share of shapewear vests but none compare to this bad boy. It flattens your stomach, waist and upper bag and banishes any bra bulge you might have. We love how luxe it feels, it's thick and doesn't roll up like many of its competitors. Although it's mainly intended to be worn under your everyday clothing, it can 100% be worn on its own - that's actually how Tara styles hers!
It's so thick and supportive that J feels like she can go without a bra, which is perfect for keeping lines clean under dresses, exactly what you want from one of these tanks! 

We can't speak more highly of this brand, we really want to try some of their other products too. If you only buy one Nüdwear piece, make sure it's the tank... You won't regret it!

Do you use shapewear? Do you have any favourite brands?

J & T - xo

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Go-Go-Gadget SPANX Super Power Panties...Part Deux!

Like J, I've always wondered if Control Pants really work! I've heard Gok go on about the importance of shapewear but I've never been sure if it would actually work for someone my size. My feelings started to change when I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a dress that exposed her Spanx...Super foxy Kim Kardashian wears Spanx!? I needed in on this.

When Tights Please told us they were sending us both a pair to review, it was like Christmas come early. When they finally arrived I could hardly contain my excitement & ripped the packet open. At first I was a bit dubious, I'd been sent a pair of Spanx that looked like would fit a small 4 year old. With one raised eyebrow, I thought 'If Kim can do it!' and shoved them on!

My Spanx-piration.

The main reason I wanted to try Spanx is because I've always been a huge fan of bodycon dresses. The only problem with being a huge fan of bodycon dresses is that I'm also a huge fan of food. There's no way I eat less if I go out for dinner while wearing one, so usually I just end up with a huge food baby- which is so uncool!

I figured the best way to test them out would be to eat a good sized meal. 2 (HUGE) Fajitas, 1 bottle of Cider (ooooh arrrr!) & 1 healthy portion of Chocolate Roulade later...


AFTER Spanx:

What a difference!?

When you're wearing them they feel like they are gently hugging you & sucking in your lumps & bumps- I love them. I have a smaller bum but most importantly, a noticeably smaller tummy! Yes, they've passed the food test with flying colours ;) I really can't believe they are only £28.

Do as the Rawr Girls & celebs do...Rock the Control Pants! I think Kim Kardashian would be proud, don't you!? ;) T XoX
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