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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ally Over The Ocean Reviews...IRON FIST Extravaganza Part 1 - Number of The Beast heels!

Our good friend Allyson from USA has the biggest Iron Fist shoe collection you've ever seen! She's agreed to have a bit of fun with us and give us a review each week on a different pair, trust me, this is going to cause SERIOUS SHOE ENVY! Ally gets all her Iron Fist heels from Hot Topic USA but we will link to a UK stockist too until HT EU get what we need!

SO, this is Ally, a hot blonde with mad skillz for applying eye make up....

Take it away Ally!.....

Iron Fist is one of my absolute favorite brands, especially when it comes to shoes. IF creates shoes that are works of art, and they absolutely do not play when it comes to platforms - they are untouchable. Let me tell you about my newest acquisitions, the Number of the Beast platforms.

Flat out, these heels are BADASS. They are the most perfect shade of shiny Barbie pink perfection! What girl doesn’t love a hot pink platform?

And if that wasn’t enough, the shoes themselves are embossed with an allover pyramid stud pattern, with 3 black pyramid studs adorning each shoe. Hot pink and pyramid studs make my heart beat faster.

Now, Iron Fist is no slouch when it comes to details, either. Check out the insides and the soles of the shoes, and the care instructions. Seriously how many brands in this price category give you care instructions?! I have to appreciate a brand that goes the extra mile to rock out their product.

These plats have a 4 inch heel with a 1 inch platform, which is standard with Iron Fist. The closed toe makes them perfect for any season, but I won’t lie.. if they came in a peep-toe, you better believe I would own those, too.

And now for the best part.. totally affordable at just $32.99 from or £54.95 from outside of the US. You can’t argue with a price like that, just ask my overflowing closet!

These shoes totally make me feel like the rock-star-Barbie-metal-princess I am. They make me feel unstoppable. Now I just need to figure out where Murderdolls parked their tour bus...

Iron Fist - Made with love for a heartless world.

All images credited to Ally, aside from the stock pic taken from Iron Fist shoes are also stocked at Cloggs, Schuh and Rubbersole.

Ally Over The Ocean - Number of the Beast, indeed.

Friday, 5 November 2010

What we NEED from Hot Topic.

We LOVE Hot Topic. Long gone are the days of ordering from the US (& paying those pesky custom fees) because Hot Topic is in the UK. Hurrah!

We NEED the following:

Alice In Wonderland A Is For Alice T-Shirt, £11.99 (sale)- Hot Topic.

J & I love almost anything Alice related & this tee is no exception. It's on sale & is a complete STEAL. So sweet.

Alchemy Bat Mirror, £11.99- Hot Topic.

If we believe the myth that Vampires can turn into Bats, then when carrying this little compact we'd like to imagine we are carrying RPattz...In mirror form.

Hello Kitty Classic Earrings 6 Pair, £7.99- Hot Topic.

A perfect little stocking filler/small gift for Christmas! The kitty ones are just too cute.

Hello Kitty Nerd Coin Purse, £9.99- Hot Topic.

I know somebody who will want to snap this up asap! HK Geek Chic at its finest. Adooooorable <3 Thank me later ;)

Hello Kitty Polaroid T-Shirt, £11.99- Hot Topic.

Polaroid Cameras = Lady Gaga/90's + Hello Kitty = UBER CUTENESS. Again, a complete bargain!

Leopard Print Pyramid Belt, £14.99- Hot Topic.

Leopard print & studs together on one belt!? We'll take 2 please. RAWR!

They have such a great range of licensed products, ranging from Twilight Saga goodies to Disney, Dr Seuss & band tees! Take a peek at their sale for some super affordable pieces. We really do LOVE you HT.

T <3 XoX

Be sure check the entire website & stalk Hot Topic on Twitter & Facebook.

All images credited to Hot Topic.
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