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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Focus on...NYLA Boutique.

We've just opened a HUGE space in our hearts for NYLA Boutique, a hot boutique in Middlesex, now ONLINE and stocking NY and LA (NYLA right?!) labels such as RAWR faves nOir and Sauce, plus our new loves Laugh Cry Repeat and Prince Peter Collection! WE DIE!!

The Badyal sisters (Amandeep and Navdeep) are the gorgeous young things behind NYLA. The store enables them to showcase the designers they adore, along with their styling skills and entrepreneurial ambitions - totally girls after our own hearts! How cute are they?!

The sisters decided to bring NY and LA fashion to the UK in 2009 after seeing designers and going to trade shows. Mixing relaxed west coast LA fashion with the edgy, rock-inspired NY looks is what NYLA Boutique is all about, and we LOVE it!

Here are a few of our fave pieces from the store!

Laugh Cry Repeat Gold Heart tee, £55. We WILL need this to pair with our flares this Summer!

nOir Small Spike Ring Set, £35. I swear I would accept this set as an engagement ring from Timcat.

Prince Peter Collection What's New Pussycat unisex tshirt, £55. Awwww. And if Kitty Purry has one, you know that as her stalker, I want one too.

Christopher Lee Sauve Long Live McQueen unisex tshirt, £55. A tribute to McQ, make like Gaga at the Brits and pay homage to the legend.

Sauce Mickey Ears Hat, £35. SO CUTE!!!

Joomi Lim Spike Cuff, £65. We're suckers for spikes and Jessica Alba. End of convi ;)

So, NYLA Boutique is totally one to watch (follow them on Facebook!), their style is so close to ours it's unreal.

Watch out Karmaloop, NYLA's bringing it home!

All images credited as linked, with thanks.

J - feeling fashionably patriotic ;)
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