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Monday, 16 July 2012

Rawrgirls Review - AKA Liquid Eyeliner!

I'm obsessed with liquid eyeliners lately after recently perfecting my flick technique, and I love this Grey Blue (£7) colour from new brand A.K.A Cosmetics.

The colour is a very pretty, well, grey blue (surprise surprise!) and as well as by itself, I also tend use it to add a flash of colour over an already applied black baseline, especially when I'm wearing false lashes as I am here (Eylure Hed Kandi Twisted Disco) to conceal any join lines :)

The consistency is really good, generally needing only 2 coats to get a firm block colour, and the brush is fine whilst managing a good sized line first time around and is easy to wield. As for durability, it pretty much lasts all day, with only a quick re-application of the outer flick required. I also like how it doesn't bleed into the corner of my eye if I attempt to line my upper lid all the way (my E.L.F liquid liner literally fills my tear duct with colour and scares the hell out of me for about 5 minutes until I've baby wiped it all out and ruined my make up!).

Overall, fine holiday fun and when my 9200 black liners have run out I totally plan to get this in black (I need to learn to kerb my addiction first) ;)

J - Fifty Shades of Grey Blue.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

NAILED IT! Disco Barbie With AKA and Mavala!

This is my Disco Barbie look, using A.K.A Cosmetics Candy Floss and Mavala Candy Floss (!) and Pure Diamond.

Everyone knows I adore Mavala, they are my go to brand for everything nails, but A.K.A are a new brand so obvs I had to try their polish! A.K.A's Candy Floss is a true Barbie pink, totally flat with no shimmer so it was the ideal base for my Mavala disco tips to sit on. A.K.A polish has a good consistency for me, I like them thick but pliable, nothing worse than a polish that dries as soon as it hits the air in my opinion. This base took just 2 coats for a no streak finish, happy days.

I then tipped them in Mavala's Candy Floss to give the glitter a lighter base to pop off, then finished with about 3 coats of my fave Mavala Pure Diamond, et voila! You like? They fancy ;)

J - In a Barbie world.
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