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Monday, 21 May 2012

Rawrgirls Review . . . The ghd AIR Professional Hairdryer!

When the most exciting email in the world came through last week, the call to review the new ghd AIR hairdryer, I think I quite literally squealed at the laptop! Would I like to review the first professional hairdryer from ghd? Errrr, YEAH?! :D

With an RRP of £99, the ghd AIR is not your average 'Oh darn it my hairdryer's blown out, I'll just pop to Argos and grab a new one' purchase, but then I think we all consider ghd to be a luxury brand, so the price fits in with the rest of the range. Regardless, from the moment you see the packaging you know you're in for a treat! My new best friend arrived beautifully hardboxed, with everything in it's place; the dryer itself and 2 styling nozzles.

AIR features a professional strength 2100 watt AC motor at 240v, advanced ionic technology, variable power & temperature controls including cool shot, 1 year manufacturers guarantee and is ergonomically designed for right & left handed users :)

I decided to keep the products to a minimum for my first go, spritzing lightly with protein spray and leaving out my usual volumising serum for the time being, so I could see the true effect on my 'naked' hair.

ghd AIR looks much heavier than it feels, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to wield. As soon as I flicked the switch, the power immediately shamed my old hairdryer, yet the noise is minimal even at full whack. Being an impatient sort I tried all the heat settings in one session. The lowest speed and heat is still better than my current hairdryer (which also claims to have a 2100w motor) going full speed. Good start, but I was tentative about switching it to full speed at the top heat setting, because my usual dryer starts to burn my hair when it gets too close and eventually cuts out, but I put the pedal to the metal and this bad boy took it all in it's stride.

I didn't have to struggle with the round brush as much as I usually do either. Using the larger nozzle gave me a lot more control and cover against my usual styling brush, and combined with the ghd's ionic blast of air, my hair allowed itself to be blown smoothly into place as if I was sat in a salon chair. Feeling pleased with my new toy, I finished with a cool shot, something I usually miss out because cool shot on my old dryer is more of a lukewarm breeze! Cool shot on the ghd AIR is exactly what it should be, a pleasant cool stream of air to finish your session and set your shine. I realised very quickly that my hair had gone from towel damp to dry and sleek in probably about half the time that it usually takes - amazing! This will certainly make my morning routine easier and more enjoyable! My hair looks visibly smoother for sure, and has that fabulous professional blow dry swish, despite being basically blasted at with minimal brush skill ;) It makes me wish my hair was as long as it used to be, just so I could spend a bit longer drying it!

In all honesty, I can't fault the ghd AIR hairdryer at all. Yes, it's expensive, but like the straighteners, ghd is an investment brand and if you are looking for a top of the range hairdryer, I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

I also love the ghd intro for their new product . . .'Prepare to be blown away . . .She’s got the perfect silhouette; amazing lines and curves in all the right places. She’s the envy of the others – stylish, smart, fresh, cool and commanding. Everybody’s talking about her. The music starts, the lights go down, a hush falls upon the front row. The time has come to make her debut. She strides out, confident and powerful. The flashbulbs are blinding; the applause is deafening. Meet our new supermodel, ghd air.'

They're right, she's definitely a hotstepper ;)

HUGE thanks to ghd.

J - AIR kiss x x x
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