Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Like Some Baby Barbarella . . .

Okay, so the galaxy/cosmic print is everywhere these days, but we still want it all over us and New Look are SUCH enablers! I can't stop staring at these little pretties!

Black Cosmic Heel Shoe Boots - £27.99. A nice change in heel shape from my chunky Lita styles. I'd pair these with a poofy full skirted LBD, or slick leather pencil skirt for Christmas pardies.

Purple Cosmic Print Studded Clutch - £12.99. I'm not joking, if you don't love this, I will fight you. There are no words for how cute this is. 

I could kick myself because I JUST had an NL giftcard and 'squandered' it on pesky Iron Fist leggings, and now I want these but have promised myself no treats until Christmas. TUT!
Can someone please nudge my Christmas shopping BF in this direction? Cheers girls ;)

J - Step in my transporter, so I can teleport ya, all around my heavenly body!


  1. Love the galaxy clutch, it is way too cute! x

  2. this shoes are amazinnggggg!

    J x

  3. Such cute items! We're a bit galaxy-print obsessed too :)

    If you're interested we have a bunch of styles of galaxy leggings on sale this week for $35-$45 http://galaxylegs.com - just wanted to mention!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Love them both! The boots are amazing for that price. Might have to pop these on my Christmas list! X

  5. Oh no, how annoying - that's exactly what always happens to me with gift cards! There's nothing you want, so you spend it on boring stuff, and then all of a sudden something amazing comes along! Grr.
    Absolutely loving both of these - it would definitely have to be one or the other, but wow, what gorgeous statement pieces.
    Mel x



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